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domingo, 29 de marzo de 2009

55 Free High Quality Icon Sets

Free Icons For Your Web Designs and Desktop

Function Icon Set
A set of 128 high-quality free icons for bloggers and designers to use in any projects; “social media” icons are included as well. Resolution: 48×48px.

Freebies Icons

Concept Icons .08
12 different icons in PNG format 256×256px. Designed by Roberto Abril Hidalgo.

Freebies Icons

Affel combines purple and black colors with some lighting and shadow details to make your computer look classy and as much special as it deserves. |Inside: 72 icons in PNG format with a resolution of 256×256 px. These icons may not be used in any way for commercial purposes.

Freebies Icons

Smultron Icon Pack
Smultron better icons is an icon updater set for Smultron. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Smultron 2.1.5.

Freebies Icons

Eico Studio Anniversary Icon Pack
16 crisp, sharp and beautiful icons released by the Eico Design Agency to celebrate its first anniversary. Available in .ico, .png and .icns-format in the resolution 128×128px.

Freebies Icons

Kidaubis 3D Icon - Blue series
The icon set with three icons (E-Mail, music box and tool box) available.

Freebies Icons

Beijing 2008 Icons
A large “olympic” high-quality set with over 20 related icons.

son algunos de los iconos que podemos encontrar en esta web


que buenos diseños x)


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